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Yoga is NOT a competition. It is NOT about posting selfies of difficult poses in exotic locations (although obviously there’s nothing wrong with that). It is NOT just for young, bendy people with so-called ‘perfect’ bodies. It is NOT just for women.

Yoga is still evolving after thousands of years. Inevitably, it has an abundance of different meanings for different people; and for each of our teachers here at The Yoga Bar. At its core, we believe is it about improving mental and physical wellbeing through sequences of postures and breathing.

Yoga Foundations


Practice the fundamentals of yoga. Ideal if you are a first timer, rediscovering yoga, or an experienced yogi wanting to address bad habits!

Power Flow


A dynamic flowing (vinyasa-based) practice through sequences linked to breath, with energy and strength. Expect your heart to beat and your skin to glow.

Mindful Flow


A slower (but not necessarily less strong), explorative flowing (vinyasa-based) practice, to enhance body and mind awareness.

Mindful Yoga


A more static (hatha based) and slower (but not necessarily less strong), explorative practice, to enhance body and mind awareness.

Yin Yoga


Based on Chinese medicine, passive postures are held for to release deep muscle tissue. Excellent for flexibility, the nervous system and to counterbalance more energetic ‘flow’ (or ‘Yang’) classes.



Enjoy 30 minutes of fiery ‘Yang’ (or power) flow to build heat in the body; but also melt deeply into 30 minutes of Yin. The best of both!

Restorative/Yin Yoga


A relaxing practice which uses props to support longer, deeper postures and nurture a healthy body and mind.

Lunchtime Restorative & Yoga Nidra


Beat the afternoon slump, and put energy back on the grid.  Class will begin with some gentle movement, welcoming you back to your body, followed by an invitation to transition into stillness with a restorative and yin yoga practice, deep relaxation, breathwork & guided meditation & mindfulness techniques.  

Ashtanga Yoga


A healing dynamic practice, following a set sequence to build strength, stamina and discipline. The practice is emphasized on the breath, linking movements together for a continuous, powerful class.

Progressive Flow


Designed to gently encourage you to progress your flow (vinyasa-based) practice. There are plenty of options for each pose, so don’t be put off if you’re still relatively new to yoga!

Functional Yoga


A workshop-style class where yoga asana are broken down to facilitate a deeper understanding of one’s individual anatomy and how the poses we do on the mat can have a wonderful impact on the things you enjoy to do in your life. As a group we explore both new and traditional ways of movement, breath and mindfulness, with an aim to give you all the tools you need to facilitate healthy range of movement, functional strength, and a mind that can be your biggest cheerleader.


Sunrise Yoga


Begin your day with this morning yoga class (to suit all levels) and feel the difference in your frame of mind and focus. We tailor our morning class to the energy of the group on each particular day: more dynamic if people are lively and want to feel refreshed and ready to go; and more mindful if students are still a little sleepy!

Pregnancy Yoga


From 4th January, we will be offering weekly pregnancy yoga classes, rather than a course.  Simply purchase a pricing option as normal and book in when you want to attend.

Mum and Baby Yoga


We offer 6-week courses for new mums.


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Teen Yoga


We offer courses for teens, and are passionate about introducing them to yoga and all of the many benefits.


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