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The Yoga Bar

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Spring Celebration

Saturday 23rd March 2.15-4.15pm

Yin and Cacao

Let’s come together for a celebration of the Equinox entering the Spring season when everything comes back to life. We will celebrate the balance between day and night before the days grow longer. Spring is the time when everything comes back to life, nature becomes alive again…Ostara is known as a time of fertility and abundance. After drinking cacao during which we will set our intentions we will dive into a yin practise connected to the liver meridian line connected to that season. Cacao medicine is heart opening and allows for more connection to our own heart so that we can listen more deeply and plant the seeds for what we would love to create.




£25 (£20 unlimited members)




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Our Teacher

Sandrine Giacobino

Sandrine fell in love with yoga over 17 years ago. She completed Sivananda teacher training, and then went to Mysore to study Ashtanga. Thinking she would be back two months later, that was only the beginning of her travels: studying different traditions, healing practices and spiritual approaches. Her classes mix styles according to what is needed in the moment -“I never had a single same class with you during all these years!” said one long-term student! She now focuses on deep flow and yin, where she finds yoga’s real essence: a slow, passive practice that allows us to dive into the silence and stillness from where everything comes, and to reconnect to what we truly are.





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Group Hypnobirthing Course





Saturday 23rd and 30th March from 12.30-4.30pm




This modern Hypnobirthing course takes place the Yoga Bar over two half day sessions and is a full antenatal education that gives you the tools a calm and controlled birth experience.



Most people think hypnobirthing is about breathing, or just the relaxations and affirmations, but there is so much science and fact behind it, that’s just one of the things that might surprise you. This coursecovers the physiology of birth and how the techniques of hypnobirthing help to facilitate this, what to expect when you have your baby and the choices available to you, how your birth partner can support you on the day while walking your through each stage of labour and of course teach you the benefits and techniques for breathing and relaxation for labour.



However you decide to birth your baby this hypnobirthing course provides knowledge that you will take away and give you a new found confidence, through understanding how your body works and how you can work with it.




Some of the benefits of Hypnobirthing:


You are likely to experience a more comfortable birth because you understand what the sensations are and how your body works


Your baby will arrive into a relaxed environment, because you know how to create this


Your first hour together will help bonding and offer health benefits to both mother & child.


Length of labour is often much shorter with Hypnobirthing births.


As a result, less drugs and medical intervention are used.


The physical impact of labour is often reduced, meaning mums are up and about sooner


Most importantly for many your birth partner will learn how to support you and have a central and active role in the birth. Creating a truly shared experience.




​Classes are kept small so that it is still an intimate and relaxing environment for everyone and the course can be tailored to each couple attending so please book in advance as spaces fill quickly.



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Our Hypnobirthing Teacher

Jemma Leighton

Hi, I’m Jemma. I’d like to tell you a bit more about my beliefs and why I am so passionate about helping mothers to experience a positive birth.  The reason I set up STS was because I couldn’t find a hypnobirthing teacher that was ‘like me’ when I was searching . I ended up driving half way across London to attend a course taught by someone I felt I could connect with.  Because of this I am devoted to proving that practicing hypnobirthing and having an active birth does not make you a ‘hippy dippy’ but actually an educated and knowledgable woman.


In all honesty before I became pregnant I assumed having a baby meant going into hospital and begging for as much pain management during labour as possible. However when I was expecting my first chiId I spent a lot of time not just following the weekly progress of my unborn baby and learning about how my body was changing al la ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting,’ but I took it one step further. Before deciding on what type of birth I wanted I researched the process of labour itself and all of my options. Here in London and the rest of the UK we are lucky enough to have so many options available to us, but this does present a minefield to navigate and with so many (mainly negative) messages or birth stories from TV, film and other mothers where do you start.


I discovered the positive birth movement from my yoga teacher (who later became my doula) and upon learning about the benefits, of an active birth I was sold. Alongside this I had also heard about hypnobirthing,  so signed up to a course and after attending our first session  my partner and I were not only convinced of the benefits of hypnobirthing, but after some resreach also decided on a home birth and a water birth. Don’t worry I don’t push this on everyone, but we will discuss the options open to you and the pros and cons of each setting.

Mindful Karma Class (By Donation)

Sunday 10th March - 8.30-9.30am - with Harriet McMasters Green

Join Harriet for a Soulful Sunday Morning Flow. Harriet will guide you on a heartwarming journey, uniting breath, movement and the senses. Essential oils will be offered to help support and reenergise mind and body and soul. This will be followed by a blissful morning meditation.



All proceeds go to Yoga Stops Traffick, an annual worldwide yoga event to raise awareness and much-needed funds to support the survivors of human trafficking.




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Our Teacher

Harriet McMasters Green

Harriet is a trained actress and dancer, and began practicing yoga in her late teens. Since then, her faded mat has never been far from her side. Harriet truly believes that inviting yoga into her life has proved both a soothing and sensory companion and a sacred space in which to nourish her soul. It is easy for us to be pulled down by heavy thoughts and worries and it can sometimes feel like we’re sinking. Over-stimulation is overwhelming for both our minds and bodies and we can lose the ability to experience our true essence. Through breath awareness and mindful asana practice, Harriet hopes to offer her students the possibility and freedom to tap into their bountiful, infinite selves.

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