The Yoga Bar

The Yoga Bar

Our Pricing

Intro Offers (new clients only)

  • £20

    2 classes

    Expiry 20 days after purchase

Drop in

  • £15

    Expiry 1 month after purchase

Class packs

  • £70

    5 classes

    (£14 per class)
    Expiry 3 months after purchase

  • £120

    10 classes

    (£12 per class)
    Expiry 4 months after purchase

Monthly Unlimited

  • £99 per month

    12 month contract

    Monthly card payments

    Can be paused up to four times per year for up to 1 month in total

    Early cancellation £50 and 30 days notice

    Not available to purchase on the mindbody app


3 months unlimited

  • £299

12 months unlimited

  • £1080


Mum and Baby 5-Week Course (from Monday 25th February) at 11am)

  • £60

    If you miss a class for good reason, we will offer you attendance at one of our other regular yoga, pilates or barre classes.  Subject to demand, you will be offered a full refund if there are insufficient attendees.

Pregnancy 5-week Course (from Monday 14th January 2019 at 7pm)

  • £60

    If you miss a class for a good reason, you will be offered the chance to use the money from that class to put towards a mum and baby course after your little one  is born.  Subject to demand, you will be offered a full refund in the event there are insufficient attendees.


Students and OAPs

  • 10% discount

    (Except for our intro offers)

    These discounts can only be given in studio, with valid photo I.D and cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount. Once you have the promo code, you will need to use this for each purchase.

Yoga teacher discount

  • 10% discount on all offers

    Email to receive the promo code

    Certified yoga teachers, holding regularly-scheduled public classes get this discount.

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