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The Yoga Bar

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Our team is comprised of incredibly talented and passionate practitioners, therapists and staff who make the studio run like clockwork.

Studio Manager

Helen Preston

Welcome to the Yoga Bar!

Yoga has been a part of my life for over 15 years. Coming from a corporate background, I was curious about yoga’s physical and mental benefits but wasn’t a natural. In fact, I couldn’t believe downward dog was meant to be a ‘resting pose’ as I found it so hard!

Soon, however, I was hooked and am now passionate about all things yoga. I am a qualified yoga teacher but like to complement my practice with pilates and barre classes too.

I hope you enjoy The Yoga Bar as much as I do, and feel nourished and strengthened by your visits here.

Studio Manager

Siobhan Harrison

Hello! My passion for yoga and fitness first started as a way to balance the stresses of day-to-day life with a brand new baby. An hour on the mat is the perfect way to escape from the realities of busy lives. I’ve tried all sorts of yoga styles and my favourite changes all the time! This is why I love all the different classes we offer here, as there’s always something to take your fancy.

I am very excited to become a member of the Yoga Bar team. The positivity and calm that you feel when you walk through the door here is wonderful and we hope to share that with everyone.

Yoga, Pilates, Barre

Caroline Cole

Caroline has always been passionate about health, wellbeing and movement. With an extensive background in dance (she’s still a sequin addict), she has been teaching hatha and vinyasa flow for 7 years. She also practiced and then trained in pilates to encourage safety and spinal alignment; and with a particular interest in maternity, bone health and equipment. Caroline is a holistic therapist in reiki, aromatherapy and reflexology. This and her meditation practice help keep her teaching vibrant, yet calm and centred. She hopes to share her enthusiasm and joy during class, whilst encouraging and supporting each one of you.


Craig Turbyfield

Craig trained at the Royal Ballet School and the London Studio Centre on their esteemed musical theatre course. He has been in numerous high-profile stage performances (such as Cats and West Side Story), TV shows and commercials. He has performed at the Royal Opera House in London and Holland Park Open-Air Theatre. He is also a choreographer. Craig has extensive experience teaching barre to all ability levels. ‘Brushing shoulders’ with Natalie Portman in 2011, he took two exclusive ballet classes for the UK press launch of The Black Swan. He is passionate about teaching and looks forward to seeing you in class!


Dani Russell

From the minute Dani first stepped foot into a pilates class 13 years ago, she fell in love with it. So much so that a few years later she left the world of advertising and media, to train with Body Control Pilates. Her passion for it meant she wanted to inspire confidence and do something that would benefit people both physically and mentally. Using classic pilates exercises with her own personal touch, you will mobilise and strengthen. Her classess are fun and friendly. You’ll be met with encouragement and will walk out feeling energised and refreshed!


Chris "Ash" Ashworth

Ash started life as a professional athlete so understands what it's like to push your body and mind, especially when you'v had injuries. After 22 years, his injuries got so bad that he thought he'd never run again. This led him to study and gain a qualification in Sports Massage at St Mary’s University. Doing this time, his partner suggested he should try Pilates. He loved it, and has never look back. Ash is proud to now be a pilates teacher. Running for the bus is no longer a problem, his balance has returned, his shoulder and back pains have gone and his body is stronger than it’s ever been!

Pilates will help everyone.

Done regularly and properly there is only one outcome…….improvement!


Ella Proietti

Meet Ella, a dedicated Barre Concept instructor, mum of two and positive powerhouse of energy and motivation, helping you discover the amazing ability of your body to change when challenged. Following her own passion for fitness and dance, she is focused on helping you love your body for all the magical things it can do. Ella's experience includes teaching people from all walks and stages of life, from teenagers to seniors. During her classes your body might burn, your legs might shake, but not without a laugh or two in-between! Ella's contagious energy and inspirational teaching will make you come back for more!


Jo-Leigh Morris

Jo-Leigh has practiced pilates for 12 years, which started as part of her dance training. She received a scholarship to Millennium Performing Arts where she trained to be a professional dancer. Throughout her dance career she carried on practising pilates as she really felt the benefits: performing night after night can really be tough on the body and doing pilates meant this never resulted in injury. She became a teacher as she really wanted to share the technique. She really believes in the results and benefits! She wants to prevent and heal injury, improve strength, tone and posture and generally keep everyone’s bodies happy and healthy.

Yoga and Barre

Katie Trevorrow

Katie trained as a dancer, PT and barre instructor. She’d always been attracted to the spiritual side of yoga and came to it through meditation. Being born to move, it was inevitable that she also loved the physical side of yoga, using it as a tool to cope with our often crazy existence. She’s trained in Ashtanga-vinyasa, restorative, pre and post-natal yoga and zen meditation and takes influence from all her teachers and students. She brings an element of ‘real life’ into her classes, keeping them light-hearted and relaxed. She also incorporates what she’s working on in her own practice, with some nuggets of yogic wisdom and the odd crazy arm-balance!


Laura Le Feuvre

Yoga has been part of Laura’s life for 20 years. She has a wealth of experience in teaching yoga to children, teenagers, pregnant and post-natal women, the chronically and terminally ill, the elderly and professional sportsmen. She is a British Wheel of Yoga trainer, and a registered nurse. She also teaches meditation and mindfulness.

Her grounded style draws mainly from the ISHTA lineage: an individualised practice that encourages us to embrace the present moment through good postural alignment and yogic breathing.  Her aim is to deepen your connection between the body, mind and spirit as it is here that true healing and wholeness emerges.


Louise Cashin

Louise has practised yoga for over 25 years and taught since 2002. She invites students to focus inward, in order to feel and express a given pose rather than impose some visual idea of a perfect posture onto an unsuspecting body! Louise views progress in yoga as the ability to balance ease and effort not only in yoga postures, but also in how you breathe, concentrate and relax in class. When you regularly find this equipoise in class, you can begin to find it in your daily life too, and that’s when the magic happens! Yoga can enrich your life in so many ways. She looks forward to meeting you on your yoga mat.


Lucy Horton

Lucy became a regular yoga practitioner over 19 years ago, to sustain her body and mind while working in the Corporate world. As she integrated the practices of yoga into daily life, the profound healing benefits became clear and yoga eventually took over as her fulltime occupation. Lucy’s classes are nurturing, grounding and informative – with a focus on breath-work and alignment, as well as restorative and yin elements. With a smile and love for teaching, she seeks to instil a sense of lightness and ease in students, whilst helping them to connect with their bodies and minds. She is particularly interested in the therapeutic applications of yoga.


Marvin Reid

Marvin is a senior occupational therapist, British Wheel of Yoga accredited teacher and the founder of Chill Winston UK. Marvin's style honors the yogic tradition while dropping any unhelpful and dogmatic elements that get in the way. His work is influenced by modern-day physiotherapy, osteopathy, dance, calisthenics and neuroscience. Marvin's passion is to help people feel wonderful in their bodies and minds. Tuesday evenings 'Mindful Flow' is a yoga class that will put you through your paces. A blend of calisthenics and embodied movement with some dreamy breath work and relaxation at the end to bring your feet back to the floor.


Michelle Finlay

Michelle has been a consistent student of yoga for 10 years and she has been teaching full-time for 2 years. Michelle teaches hatha, vinyasa as well as the softer style of yin yoga. Michelle aims not only to create a peaceful environment in which you are able to enjoy her classes, but also to help you gain the tools to permanently improve your life and wellbeing, and to find an inner peace through this beautiful practice. Her classes are mindfully led and the use of props is encouraged to enable her students to discover their very unique and personal version of the postures.


Roisin Kinch

Roisin is a qualified 200hr Anusara yoga teacher. Her classes will focus on alignment of the body, intertwined with guided meditations.  Join her on the mat for a fun, energetic vinyasa class. She will help you discover muscles you perhaps didn't know existed, whilst
 restoring your mind and calming down the nervous system with breathing
techniques. Her classes will explore the playfulness of mind and body,
with some great music added to the mix!

Roisin is also delighted to be appointed as an ambassador for Sweaty Betty, Kingston


Sandrine Giacobino

Sandrine fell in love with yoga over 17 years ago. She completed Sivananda teacher training, and then went to Mysore to study Ashtanga. Thinking she would be back two months later, that was only the beginning of her travels: studying different traditions, healing practices and spiritual approaches. Her classes mix styles according to what is needed in the moment -“I never had a single same class with you during all these years!” said one long-term student! She now focuses on deep flow and yin, where she finds yoga’s real essence: a slow, passive practice that allows us to dive into the silence and stillness from where everything comes, and to reconnect to what we truly are.

Yoga and Pilates

Stephen Walsh

Stephen studied at the Royal College of Music. He discovered yoga in 1995, thinking it would improve his karate kicks, but he also noticed a rapid improvement in flexibility and calming of the mind. Yoga soon became a major part of his life. He trained as a teacher in 2005. Stephen believes it is important to find a balance between dynamic practice and slower mindful practice; and to listen to the body’s needs at any given time. Therefore his teaching style is inclusive, offering postures variations to allow the correct level of challenge for all. He is excited to be part of The Yoga Bar team!


Tanya Cumberland

Tanya is a professional dancer and has been working in the industry for 10 years. Trained at the esteemed Bodywork Company Dance Studios as a dancer and actress, her career has taken her around the world performing! Some of her favourite jobs include the Walt Disney film – ‘Beauty and The Beast,’ and playing the lead in the European Arena Tour ‘Apassionata’ she has also worked with various companies and theatres and has done many campaigns and TV commercials. Tanya’s Barre classes are technical, fun and motivating! You will leave feeling long, lean and full of life!


Tina Moxon

Tina has practicsed yoga and sports for over 20 years. Yoga enables you to get the balance right, mentally and physically. Anyone can practice, no matter what age, ability, flexibility or gender.  It's really not about touching your toes!

Her training at The Inner Yoga Trust is the leading body for scaravelli inspired teaching.  It takes classical hatha asanas, together with the philosophy of yoga and spiritual aspects; and teaches in a way that can transform the body, mind and emotions, touching the heart of your being. Her classes are innovative, enjoyable and extremely beneficial to body and mind.  She also teaches yoga to children.


Louisa Koussertari

My personal and continued journey of being a yoga student & teacher allows me to learn, develop, and share wider, routes to access this whole practice with others.
Through tried, tested and studied methods I aim to offer accessible tools for each individual, understanding and supporting that each human is unique and that no matter what age, ability or experience there really is something for everyone in the all encompassing elements of Yoga. My own background originates in years of continual running, kettle-bell & weight training for bone density (having been diagnosed with Osteopinia in my late teens), yoga and desk related injuries (due to having worked for over a decade within a very normal but highly stressful office environment). I fell into the practice of Yoga in my early twenties, when seeking out something more, something more that I knew I needed in my being but not quite sure what at that time. I immediately fell in love with the practice and found some sanctuary in its restorative, nourishing and grounding properties. It has taken me on a journey of self study ever since and given me the tools and experiences which I offer to those I meet along this path. Om shanti shanti shanti


Jessica Funke

Jess’s roots are firmly in health and wellbeing, with her grandmother founding the highly-respected Skebo Herrgård health retreat centre in the 80s - the first of its kind in Sweden. With a background in hospitality, by 2016, she was searching for more balance in her hectic life. So she trained as a yoga teacher. As a mother of two teenagers, she has a particular interest in adolescent mental health, recently training with the TeenYoga Foundation in yoga and mindfulness for young adults. Specialising in vinyasa flow, Jess will encourage you to have fun, challenge yourself, build energy, strength, whilst creating inner peace, calm and presence. 


Amy Faulkner

Amy has been practising yoga for nearly 20 years and still gets excited about it every time she gets on the mat. She teaches Hatha yoga, meaning there is a mix of flow as well as holding postures to allow the breath to open the space up a little more. People leave her classes feeling relaxed but ready for anything! Whether you’re fairly new to yoga or looking for a challenge, Amy’s practice aims to have something for everyone.


Amy Prentice

With a dance and fitness background, Amy looked to yoga to develop strength and flexibility, but never imagined it would transfer from the mat into her everyday life. It has inspired her to be more mindful, playful, and curious. She truly believes yoga is for everybody: regardless of whether you’re rolling out your mat for the first time, or looking for greater anatomical awareness in an established practice. She likes to combine yoga styles, focusing on vinyasa and hatha, with creative flows. She hopes when you step off your mat, you’ll have deepened your practice, and most importantly had fun!


Natasha Hopkins

Natasha danced for over 24 years, performing within the entertainment industry at various locations including Sadlers Wells, Madame Tussaud's London and Disneyland Paris, cast as Princess Cinderella (but she'd still choose ballet pointe shoes over glass slippers any day!) She will always love being barefoot in a studio & ready to create.

Pilates helped to strengthen her body, improve her performance and prevent injury. She became an instructor to share the amazing life-long impacts pilates can have on the mind and body.

Tash creates a welcoming environment where students can have fun and challenge themselves. They will leave feeling agile, strong and empowered. Her mantra? "Everyday is an adventure, make sure your body is ready for it"!


Kate Mundie

Kate found Yoga after the stress levels of working as a womenswear buyer caused her continual ill health. Before long she left the fashion world and committed herself to understanding more about the Art of Yoga and the amazing tools it presented her with to find a more happy and content way of life. And then came the desire to share this knowledge with others. Kate comes from a very disciplined traditional Hatha Yoga background but her classes are light hearted fun and creative, teaching you to listen to your body and leave all expectations at the door! Though they may vary in strength or intensity her classes maintain a strong focus on the importance of the breath through pranayama practices so that you will leave with an overall sense of inner wellbeing and calm.


Natalie Jones

Natalie believes that Pilates can transform the body, the mind, the soul and your whole life. She started practicing after the birth of her son and has personally experienced the transformative nature of Pilates. Natalie has a level three Pilates qualification, a degree in Physical Education in the Community and a Masters PGCE. She is an experienced teacher and personal trainer fusing Pilates into each session.
Natalie uses a holistic, dynamic approach that enhances the wellbeing of her students to increase their body/mind connection. Each session will leave her students feeling strong, flexible, healthy and happy.She is passionate about guiding students to achieve their true Pilates potential.


Neetu Dhillon

Neetu’s style of yoga offers a chance for you to enter a space where slowing down and being yourself is encouraged. The style of yoga offered is slow, flowing and strong. This allows you to practice yoga safely with emphasis on breath, alignment and intuitive movement. For Neetu, yoga not only allows you to improve flexibility, strength and balance but it is also an opportunity to create inner peace, take some time for yourself and listen in to your body. The mantra Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu is Neetu’s intention in every class she teaches. This mantra translates to 'May all beings be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and freedom for all'.


Harriet MacMasters-Green

Harriet is a trained actress and dancer, and began practicing yoga in her late teens. Since then, her faded mat has never been far from her side. Harriet truly believes that inviting yoga into her life has proved both a soothing and sensory companion and a sacred space in which to nourish her soul. It is easy for us to be pulled down by heavy thoughts and worries and it can sometimes feel like we’re sinking. Over-stimulation is overwhelming for both our minds and bodies and we can lose the ability to experience our true essence. Through breath awareness and mindful asana practice, Harriet hopes to offer her students the possibility and freedom to tap into their bountiful, infinite selves.


Holly Hood

Holly started practising yoga at 16. Something always drew her back to the practice over the years, whether helping her with aches and pains or finding stillness during busy periods. Recovery from an operation in 2013 encouraged her to explore meditation, and she fell in love with yoga as a daily practice. She trained as a pregnancy and post-natal teacher in 2015. This supported her own pregnancy and son’s birth. She is passionate about supporting women to recognise their power and intuition during this time. Her classes are energising and nourishing for the body and mind. Holly also teaches vinyasa flow and Kirtan.


Rachel Burgess

Rachel has studied yoga for 20 years and finds instant solace in getting on her mat to rediscover her centre and perspective through breath and asanas. She typically teaches a slow but strong flow class, with an alignment focus, allowing yogis to work deeply and mindfully to find strength, flexibility and balance - of both body and mind. The yoga that Rachel teaches lets us open our hearts, creating more compassion for ourselves, others and the world around us. Rachel’s love for yoga and subsequent teaching comes from all over the world, but she has learned the most from teachers Rosie Wright and Bridget Woods-Kramer.


Anne-Marie Alderton

Anne-Marie found her passion for yoga 5 years ago when she noticed the strength, flexibility and sense of calm it gave her in many aspects of life; as well as the balance between the body, mind and soul. Her curiosity to learn more about the origin of yoga and to improve her own practice took her to Rishikesh, India for her teacher training. She teaches mindful vinyasa/hatha flow classes and slower, yin and restorative sessions. She incorporates yoga philosophy and pranayama in her classes and focuses on using the breath as a meditative tool throughout the practice.


Melinda Szepesi

Growing up in Hungary, Melinda always sought a passion in life. At 16, she
found herself traveling the world as a model. Eventually, after years of living
out of a suitcase, she settled in London. Her attention was drawn to the physical aspect of the practice and with time she found meditation through movement. The practice helped her to ground herself and yoga became an anchor in her life. As a teacher, her main focus is to give people a challenging practice, but in a way that they can reconnect with their breath. She offers multiple options, so everyone can find the asana that suits their practice on the day.


Simone Schmidt

Born in Berlin, Simone began her professional dance training at the Ballett Akademie Nürnberg. She later obtained her National Dance Diploma at the S.P.I.D. Dance Academy of Milan. Simone has gained over 10 years of dance teaching experience in different countries such as Germany, Italy and the UK. Among others, she has danced for The Closing Ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games, on adverts such as Baileys ‘The Christmas Nutcracker’ and in feature films such as Walking on Sunshine! and Homeless Ashes. During her dance studies Simone was fascinated how to strengthen & centre her body as well as prevent injuries through regular Pilates sequences. She has been teaching different levels of Pilates throughout her dance career. Simone is looking forward to seeing you in her class and to embark a journey of wellbeing and strengthening.


Nikki Stuart

Nikki started yoga to help her arthritis. Little did she expect all of the other benefits. Not only was she eventually able to manage her back pain without painkillers but she felt moments of stillness in the madness of London. She started connecting to herself and listening to her body in a way she had never done previously. Trained in rocket, ashtanga and vinyasa flow, yoga her classes will guide you through a fun but powerful practice grounded by breath and movement flowing as one.

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