The Yoga Bar

The Yoga Bar

Lucy Allen

our life designer

Lucy Allen The Yoga Bar

Lucy is on a mission to guide her clients towards transformational results.  She believes we all have an innate capacity and instinct to achieve incredible success but sometimes we let things get in our way that send us off our course and confuse us. This it where she can help. Her approach helps you find clarity by reducing the confusion and making it simple. She’ll break it down and map out the road to success; one step at a time. She aims to make it feel like you’re effortlessly gliding to the next stage feeling truly alive, inspired and full of energy.

Is she the right coach for you?  Maybe something resonates and you’re intrigued to find out more?  A free 30-minute coaching consultation is an invaluable way to get a sense of how she works and whether coaching with her feels like the right fit for you. You will explore areas of your life you think you’d like coaching in and she can give you a taste of how she may be able to coach you to achieve more. It can be a phone call or in person at The Yoga Bar and there is no obligation. As your coach she will be here to champion you and propel you forward. Your sessions will be filled with humour so it feels like an effortless and fun ride.


Availability: Lucy is normally available on weekday evenings (except Wednesday), but you’ll need but you will need to request an appointment with me first, at least 24 hours in advance, before it is confirmed.

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