The Yoga Bar

The Yoga Bar

Maxine Bailey-Green

Holistic Massage and Facials

Maxine Bailey-Green The Yoga Bar
Holistic Massage and Facials

As a holistic body worker, Maxine’s treatments combine a fusion of different therapies, inspired from her travels around the world.  Her goal is to get people to work on their inner bodies and minds, as she believes that a healthy happy person starts from the inside out.  Through using bespoke massage techniques, and breathe work to calm down the central nervous system, she will take you on a deeply relaxing healing journey, and create a bespoke plan for you to help return the body back to its natural balance and induce a sense of wellbeing and deep relaxation.



Bodywork Massage/Pregnancy Massage  £90 for 90 minutes

Facial £90 for 75 minutes.



Maxine works with us a couple of days per month.  For more details, click below.


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